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1. Construction design

PESHANKU meets the construction design requirements via high-tech engineering knowledge. These include a graphical language that covers the most needed information about the constructive work of engineers and up to that of relevant professionals. PESHANKU can also perform small surface details, such as decorative elements. A full detailed construction plan covers construction elements and relevant procedure of performance, as well as vertical section details that illustrates the construction in three dimensions. We do also master detailed foundation design, dynamic and static calculations, concert elements design and foundation wire-steel arming.

2. Geotechnical Engineering

We apply geotechnical engineering disciplines to secure a realistic understanding of the geological materials as soil and rocks conditions of which the construction may be built. We perform soil and rocks classification processes, different laboratory tests and reposting. Our geotechnical report covers reliable suggestions to make the construction more durable over time all against erosion related damages. As consultants we have better understand to our clients' risks and constraints so that to help addressing and manage the increasing complications in today's environment.

3. Renewable energy

PESHANKU can conduct research & preparatory studies on sustainable future for any country willing as to embark on exploring alternative sources of energy. To that end, the major areas of focus include examining the resource availability of renewable energies, such as wind, solar, and wave, and studying optimal methods of combining these renewable energies together so that to match energy supply with increasing demand. This type of work is generally accomplished through a combination of data analysis, three-dimensional atmospheric computer modelling of wind, solar, wave, along with hydro-electric power resources, and transmission load flow computer modelling.

4. Project management plans

Project management is prescriptive way in which an engineering project is guided from start to finish. All project management plans examine the five project constraints: scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. The details of a plan will vary depending on the complexity of the project. For instance, a project to build a set of kitchen cabinets would, in most cases, have very generalized plan, while a project built a bridge, dam or a tunnel at international standards would have a more in-depth, comprehensive plan. We can manage engineering projects according to the common standards. We offer courses and building up a project management plan.

5. Mineral ore Survey & production

Mining products such as metals are used on a daily basis. Metals are result of a long series of transformations. These start with the rock and soil in the earth’s crust. Mineral deposits are called ore. Most ores contain unnecessary minerals that are removed in the metallic mineral production processes. We can design mineral deposits mining processes, starting from excavation, loading, crushing, grinding mills, separation (froth floatation, emission, gravity and magnetic separation). We can also design minerals extraction methods (pyro-metallurgy, hydrometallurgy or electro-metallurgy) each is suitable for the type of the metal produced.

6. Rezoning and Estimations

As property value increases and communities grow, the original zoning may not be the best use of a particular tract of land. We have experienced in working with local planning and zoning departments to obtain a rezoning or zoning variance. We work in construction cost estimate process; a project cannot start without an accurate construction cost estimate. These estimates are utilized to determine if a proposed project is economically viable. Additionally, the original construction cost estimate is used to develop the project budget. We can prepare the construction cost estimate, develop the project budget and manage the project finances by tracking job cost.

7. High-tech Agro-Industry & Sustainable Business

PESHANKU has competent consultants who can provide knowledge in agro-Industries based on “Sustainable Business”. We provide support and planning strategies for a wide range of food processing, as well as for transfer of relevant know-how, management and technologies. Our consultants support in agro-Industries services are often based in rural areas and do provide on-site job opportunities to turn into modern farming and agro-industries. Investing in these industries is critical to the economic sustainability of the country's development plans, as it will encourage on-going economic growth, job creation and reducing poverty among those who deal with food security.

8. Waste-water plants

Contaminant materials must be removed before it is discharged back into the water reservoirs and environment. In many counties waste-water is collected by a system of underground pipes, which carry it to waste-water treatment facilities (WWTF). Most of these are located near bodies of water into which the treated waste-water is discharged. Damage occurs to groundwater resource when urban waste-water has become in direct contact with the underground local sewers. Our consultants give reliable solution to establish wastewater plants correctly.

9. Seismic Stratigraphy

Large scale images of the subsurface revealed the unconformities and packages of strata characteristic of sequence boundaries, sequences and systems tracts. We study this information out of the intensive search for petroleum reservoirs seismic data, using subsurface imaging from seismic reflection profiles. These profiles are based on the generation of low frequency sound waves which travel through the subsurface and are reflected by surfaces within the rocks. Reflected waves are recorded by microphones at the surface and this information is used to generate a subsurface profile. We are using Geo-Graph-X, and MapInfo in our researches.

10. Oil and gas

All phases of oil and gas exploration benefit from the high-resolution two dimensional seismic profile interpretation to three dimensional imagery, mapping and local mapping that can be produced from geophysical data sets. These needs range from pre-deployment support to post operational scouting for verification that the environment has been restored to a level allowing the return of deposits and bonds. The principals of Digital-World have provided these services to a number of oil and gas companies over the last several years with enthusiastic acceptance. Our consulting services extend to provide on-site environmental measures for hazardous management & control.

11. Topographic Survey & Mapping

An accurate, detailed topographic and feature survey is the foundation on which the Land Development Design is built. The purpose of a Topographic survey is to gather survey data about the natural and manmade features of the land, as well as its elevations. A three- dimensional map may be prepared. The work usually consists of; establishing horizontal and vertical control that will serve as the framework of the survey, determining enough horizontal location and elevation, locating natural and man-made features that may be required by the purpose of the survey, computing distances, angles, and elevations and drawing the topographic map. We have solutions to collect data and map the information for an accurate topographic survey.

12. Marble industry

Marble means crystalline or shining rocks. Such rocks because of the natural beauty are usually used in construction and sculpture. Marbles are resulted from metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks most Often are sandstone, limestone and dolomite rocks. These types of rocks cover almost 90% of the Iraqi-Kurdistan folded zone, which means that there is a huge opportunity for marble industry investment in Kurdistan. Marble is produced in Italy, USA, UK, Greece, Sweden, Pakistan and China. There is a promising future for development of such industry in Kurdistan. Our company has all the knowledge and know-how and ready to get such industry be started and implemented with correct geological engineering consultations.