Blue Flower


We are high educated consultants working in geology, engineering geology and project management. We start from the early stages of projects site investigation; “planning, management and development” until the finished results is achieved. We work as providers of knowledge and expertise for large, medium andsmall businesses. Our consultants’ services are designed to private and public companies that require innovation, precision and tend to increase their production and knowledge. We sell qualified engineering consultations; we perform tasks in geology,geophysics and geotechnical engineering. We support you to select the right manufacture for your high-tech equipment and spare parts for your equipment or machines. Our customers save time and money by using our consulting and services, which are often tailored to customer needs.


Our Values ​​

The core values ​​of our consulting are that the customer saves money, time and get the best service and quality. Let the professionals do the work for you with high levels of satisfaction. We believe that we are professional in our business.


Our Mission

* Perform tasks in geology, geotechnical, project management and research

* Provide quality-assured (QA) tasks and guarantee customer satisfaction 

* Use technological approaches to reach results 

* Provide solutions for large and small businesses

* Undertake projects from concept to the finished product is achieved

* Get into project tasks when the need is there


Our vision

Our vision is to be the qualified in our care and service for our customers